Following EU actions, will have to change its pricing.

 20 December 2019 has been part of an intervention of European Commission and national consumer authorities. As a result, it needs to make important changes to its website in the way it presents offers, discounts and prices.


One of the required changes is that the total price that the consumers will have to pay is clear and includes unavoidable charges, fees, VAT and tourist tax.  

Dutch consumer authority sends reminder about price transparency rules for the travel industry

15 November 2019 


The Dutch consumer authority has received complaints from consumers and business and noticed itself that the tourist tax is not always included in the price of homepages (all inclusive prices). Therefore, it reminds the Dutch trade association for the hotel and catering industry about the price transparency rules for the travel industry of which it shared a summary dated 27 May 2013



The all inclusive price should include all fixed unavoidable costs and when these unavoidable costs are variable then such costs should be displayed directly with the advertisement price in a transparent manner as well as the amount thereof.

Airbnb has to include tourist tax in total accommodation price 

11 July 2019


The European Commission announced that - as a result of negotiations with Airbnb - the platform has to improve and fully clarify the way it presents accommodation offers to consumers, which is now in line with the standards set in EU consumer law.   


One of the main improvements is that all accommodation searches with selected dates, consumers now see the total price, including the mandatory charges and fees, such as tourist taxes.